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No Experience Necessary. Immediate Start.

We are currently looking for travel writers all over the world to work for us as freelance Travel Writers. You do not need to be travelling – you can write travel guides about the place you live.

Work from anywhere, anytime.
Become a published writer
Start a career as a freelance writer.
When an article is published on our Travel website – it is syndicated automatically to our social media channels. Your article will be seen and read – by hundreds or even thousands of people.

We give all of our writers a full bio-line and a link to their own website, so that any interested parties can see more of your writing and contact you through your website.

How much are you Paid?

There are two categories of article. Paid contents and Guest Contents must have minimum 500 words.

For Paid Contents, we are paying Rs 200. In addition to this, we have reward schemes based on the social media campaign and readers response to your article. We do not give credit of writers under Paid Articles.

For Guest Contents, we publish the name of writer along with the articles and promote in our websites. We do not have any payment policy for Guest Articles.

How Do I Write the Articles?

For most jobs you can choose the topic, so you can write about something you know well without having to do any research. This way you can produce 500 words in less than an hour. Once you submit your article it will be reviewed- but we don’t really examine the content too much as the article is credited to you as the author. You are free to express yourself how you please.

What If My Article Isn’t Approved?

When you submit your article, it will be reviewed by our team within 48 hours. If there are any problems, we give you feedback and you can edit the article again. Our review focuses mostly on ‘formatting’ to ensure your writing is meeting the technical standards for online publishing. We don’t edit the topical content of your articles, we let our readers decide for themselves.

How and When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are sent every month. All payments are sent via PayPal, Zebpay or Bank Transfer (depends on which method we feel safe and secure). Minimum payout is Rs 1000. If your earning in a month is less than Rs 1000, then your accumulated amounts will be carried forward to the next month payout.  MDT will released your payment between 15-20th day of every month.

How Many Articles Per Week Can I Write?

Once your first article is published we will be able to see how readers reacted to your writing. From there you will be offered more work based on various criteria. The best thing to do is get started, try your best and take it from there.

Contact us with your first draft article at bookcheaptrip@gmail.com.