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Visiting Meerut City – goons and the boon

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Meerut, a city located in the north of India, ironically in the National Capital Region.

It is a city famous for a lot of things. First and foremost being the first revolt that started against the east India Company. The first ever voice of cry marking the first war of Independence. No Britishers will easily forget Meerut of India.

Although not a lot of people are familiar with it. The city still holds those important monuments and buildings which are a living proof to what the revolt must have been like. You will find most of them in the Meerut cantonment area, thanks to the army that they have marked them and written brief history about it. In fact, the temple where it all started is right in the middle of the cantonment and is accessible to all because if it’s immense following. The tourist and local people throng for this temple.

Apart from the fact that the city is witness to the first war, another interesting fact is that Meerut is the largest supplier of sports goods in India. You will find all sorts of sports brands and all sports equipments in smallest shops here, all of competitive quality. Meerut is also popularly known as the ‘Sports city of India’.

The Hotel Godwin, situated a little far from the main city is a perfect place if you like to unwind after a fun filled day at shopping. You can loosen up and enjoy the quiet atmosphere at just Rs.15144 for 3 nights.

If you want to splurge into shopping first thing in the morning, then Hotel Crystal Palace is the place to be. Located in the centre of the main city, has everything that you would need at drop of a hat. Stay there by just paying Rs 7291 for 3 nights.

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The city’s hands are not only busy making sports good to cater to the masses but also has hands that brings out the music in the country. In case, you are confused, the city is also the largest producer of musical instruments.

There is a notorious market in this small city called the ‘chor bazaar’. Yes you read that right, chor bazaar. Not only does it sound strange it looks even stranger. Its legal, it’s vast and it’s compelling. If you ever get to move through this market, it’s like a butcher house, the only difference being that instead of meat you will find all body parts of the cars, the bonnet, door handles, radiator support, bumper, hanging against each other knowing that they will be sold bit by bit. The terrace of these small shops will be actually decorated with all kinds of tyres, the alloy wheels and all other shiny assets of the car, in a way to attract customers.

You name it and you have it, the only thing that tugs your heartstrings is that all these things are actually stolen from innocent and unacquainted people. The car that gets stolen is dismantled within hours of theft and sold to different shopkeepers, who then with lot of pride and a big grin show it off to the customers. And mind you, all products are 100% original, sold at cheap rates and thereby making a complete 100% profit on whatever price they sell. The marker exists because it has customers who buy off them. People from all around come to visit this since you get the best deals.

There is an infamous fabric market here too for all the shopping enthusiasts, you should have an eye for it and you will find what you need, at a very low price.

So anyone who is on a shopping spree, Meerut is the place to be !!!

(c) Pallavi Sharma

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