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Flowers Valley – Kaas Plateau

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Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra is known as Valley of Flowers. It is also known as a paradise of fog and flowers…

Your Maharashtra visit is not complete without exploring this hidden gem in the Sahyadri range, the Kaas plateau also known as Maharashtra’s valley of flowers. It is a region located 22 km away from a small town named Satara and about 20 km away from the northern region of Koyna sanctuary.

<img src="/" alt="Wild Flowers at Kaas Plateau.">
Wild Flowers at Kaas Plateau

Kaas plateau was declared a bio-diversity site by UNESCO in 2012. The plateau is home for 850 species of flowering plants, including various rare species of wild flowering plants and endemic butterflies during the season. The so called season starts every year, post monsoon (August-October) when the region is transformed into a carpet of wildflowers. Several measures are taken to protect the flowering plants from damage during the tourist season. The visitors are allowed to walk only along narrow pathways made along the plateau to admire the beauties.

Light drizzles and dense fog is expected during the visit, so one should always carry umbrella, rain coat or jacket and enough warm clothes. It advisable to reach the plateau at the crack of dawn to avoid rush. Kaas plateau is famous for the ubiquitous Karvi flowers (scientific name: Strobilanthescallosus) which bloom once in 8 years. The visitors were fortunate in the year 2016 to witness this phenomenal sea of bluish violet blooms.

The view of Kaas Lake which is about 1.5 km from the plateau will most likely be a water body enveloped in dense fog, which means one can see only up to some distance making it impossible to make out how big the lake is! The Kaas Lake, an artificial lake built in 1875 is a perennial source of water supply for western part of Satara city by gravity. A peculiar type of small white lilies which doesn’t bloom fully float over the lake which makes the view mesmerizing and heavenly. From the plateau, it will take about 30-45 minutes to walk down to the lake.

There are two ways to reach Kaas – one the direct uphill route from Satara and another from Tapola via the link road connecting Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani to Kaas. You may either join a tour group from Mumbai and Pune, hire a taxi or drive down. Travelling with the help of public transport is not easy as the frequency of buses is less. The food options are limited around the area; however there are a few Dhabas along the way to Satara where one can get breakfast and lunch.

<img src="" alt="Blue Karvi Flowers at Kaas Plateau.">
Blue Karvi Flowers at Kaas Plateau.

If you wish to stay back in the area, the following are a few stay options around Satara; Hotel Aakar International which charges Rs 1588 per night. Other cheap hotels to try are Hotel Radhika Palace which is around Rs 1000 per night stay. Hotel Pooja Residency is available around Rs 1000 per night as well.  You can try for Hotel Lake View and Hotel Maratha Palace which are available for Rs 1600 per night stay.

The nearest airport to reach Kaas plateau is Pune International airport (PNQ) and nearest Railway station is Satara (STR).

By Road:
Pune Airport to Kaas Plateau – 146 kms
Satara to Kaas Plateau – 24 kms
Mumbai to Kaas plateau- 278 kms

Flights are available from Delhi to Pune starting at Rs.5615.

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