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Travel to UK with Less Than Rs 49000 Only

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You can travel to UK with less than Rs 49, 000 now. Yes, Less than US$1000.

United Kingdom is a global cultural hub with a lot to explore. Its stunning seascapes, landscapes, panorama, vistas, etc, make it a varied tourist hub. The UK comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and a rich history to narrate.

Tourists while visiting the UK, have to see London, a much talked about city, which offers a plethora of tourist activities. The castles of the UK are popular around the world and so are the breathtaking natural sights. England’s expansive coastline is another attraction for tourists from around the globe.

Before talking about the various cheap vacation options, let us do an outline of the things and places you would want to see when in the UK.

The Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace have to top the list. If you are a foodie and a shopper, then head to the city of Manchester with never-ending assortment of shopping and dining options. Take an insight into the Welsh culture at Cardiff, Wales, or explore the city of Birmingham, which is an exclusive cultural destination.

If you are a beach goer then head towards Isle of Arran in south-western part of Scotland. It is popular for charming beaches and coastal villages. If you are looking for music and sporting events, then Glasgow will suit you, as it is the biggest city of Scotland and apart from cultural attractions and architectural wonders, there are several musical and sporting events. The Glasgow Cathedral, City Chambers and Clyde Auditorium are a must see in Glasgow.

Being the ‘Curry capital of Britain’, you will be amazed at the culinary delights the place offers. History comes alive at Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is popularly coined as the ‘Athens of the North’. When in Edinburgh, visit the Craigmillar Castle, Abbey and Palace of Holyroodhouse, St. Giles’ Cathedral and the Scott Monument.

Travel to UK does not have to come expensive always.

We have listed some cheap options under Rs 49,000 for travel to UK.

London only: Do a six days trip to London. Do river cruise, The London Eye, a day at the Windsor Castle, visit Stonehenge and bath. Visit the markets of London and have a night out at one of the many pubs at London. Fares start from Rs 49,000 and above.

London and Edinburgh: See Madam Tussauds and The London Eye. See London locally and head towards Edinburgh on day three. Indulge in a hop-on hop-off city tour and spend the night at one of the pubs. The fare starts from Rs 39,990 and up.

There are other options like paying in EMIs, which you can avail with not much in your pocket.  Travel to UK with Rs 49,000 means you can comfortably spend three to four days, provided you make smart choices and travel wisely.


Booking well in advance will cost you Rs 15,818 from Delhi to London. Moreover, a round trip with some discounts can fetch you a price less than Rs 35,000 if you book in advance.

Budget hotels

A to B Hotel in London costs Rs 3,194 for a night and Acacia Hotel costs Rs 2,839 per night. Almond House Lodge at Edinburgh costs Rs 3,081 for a night and YHA Cardiff Central charges Rs 3,339 for a night at Cardiff.

(C) Anjali Singh Deswal

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