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Travel Photographer-Guide to Earn while Traveling

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Do you want to be a travel photographer? Get paid for traveling?

Yes, million of travelers are earning 6 figure incomes from traveling.

Let us introduce what you need to be a travel photographer. Be a suave travel photographer now.

Which is more earning – Travel writer or Travel photographer?

Creating images is more important than writing. Photography. For a starter you need a Canon T2i along with a kit 18-55 mm lens.

You can try for Canon 5D, 16-35mm f/4, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, 50mm f/1.4, and a variety of other gear pieces such as Cactus flashes, a 3 Legged Thing tripod, and a GoPro 3+.

How to get Money?

You need to travel a lot. Say, 365 days a year! Try to spend an average of $1,000 a month. That includes accommodation, transportation, food, etc. There are lot of budget hotels which charges less $10 per night stay.

Shoot for Magazine and Newspaper

This is the start for your travel photography career. You may earn a little amount, but don’t discourage over your hard earned money as a travel photographer.

The Stocks

Stock photography is another option to add your income. Two types of category in Stocks – micro-stock and big stock.

For micro-stock, keep portfolios on a dozen different sites. Publish images on a regular basis to iStock and ShutterStock.

Stock images with TandemStock, you can earn about $150 a month with them.

Client-Direct Sales

This is the biggest source of income these days. You may earn $1,000 a month for a year.


Make money on blog via advertising and leveraging your audience.

A product you review will led people to the product on Amazon via an affiliate link which gives you a good income.


Start a travel photography channel with tips, lessons, reviews, and lots of “on location” videos.

What do you need as a travel photographer?

The type of camera you use does not matter. Whether you’ve got a brand new 12 megapixel SLR or a low budget camera.

Here, I am listing suave fashion for Travel photographer. Get complete package from online fashion shop like Flipkart or Amazon.

You need a pair of cargo pants.
Rugged olive baggy pants for its awesome functionality.

T shirts
Get simple grey T shirts when comfort and casual takes precedence.

Sleeveless jackets
Try for a Classic military staple for the the fashion conscious.

Rustic Boots to take you places on any terrain.

Handy backpacks for all your camera essentials.

Stunning sunglasses to shade your eyes when on the road and

Watches to know your time!

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