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Travel Adapter for Travelers -Tension Free Travel

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Universal Travel Adapter must be carried while traveling with electronic appliances.

If you are a frequent traveler from one country to another, you must be knowing about the international electricity norms. But for newbie it is a tough job.

You must be carrying your mobile, iPad or laptop along with your foreign trip. And, after reaching your favorite destination, you discover you can’t charged your electronic accessories.

The Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

This travel adapter is congruent with about 150 countries across the globe. You can use this to charge different types of electrical appliances, irrespective of what the socket type is. The charger is light in weight and comes with a travel pouch so that you can easily put it in your travel bag and carry all your electronic gadgets carefree.

I have some fashion models who were in an awkward situation in some fashion show abroad when their hair dryers and appliances that need electricity are not working.

Don’t worry, here’s guide on Travel Adapter for travelers, so that you get comfort stay in your journey.

Sometimes, you  also need a converter that works with electronics and hair dryers or other high wattage items Some International Adapter and Converter with USB automatically adjusts incoming voltage. The built-in adapters work worldwide.

Additional travel adapter is needed in India and South Africa.

India uses the standard India non-grounded socket. This adapter is also known as type D, ungrounded version. Thailand uses the standard North American non-grounded outlet. This adapter is also known as type A. Japan uses the North American non-grounded socket. This adapter is also known as type A.

Different countries have different electricity norms (voltage and adapter index). Travel Adapter plugs do not convert electricity. Female (back) side accepts North America or Europe plugs. You have to find out which country use specific adapter before traveling to that country.

You should use converters only with electric appliances such as hair dryers, etc. Use a transformer with anything electronic, such as computers.

Electric appliances can be used with a converter or a transformer. Transformers are for long term use while converters are not. A converter should not be used longer than is necessary to use the appliance and certainly not longer than 2 hours.

Next time, before planing a trip, find out which International electricity code are applied to your destination. Enjoy your holidays without missing your smart phones, ipads, laptops or other electrical appliances.

Go for Travel Adapter which are affordable and best quality!

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