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Things you need to know about Sahara Desert Camping

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Traveling to Sahara Desert, enjoy Sahara desert camping with sands around you!

Ever imagined looking at the clear blue sky over you and warm sand in your feet as you tread across one of the world’s best sites, the Sahara Desert.

If yes, then we have penned down how to camp at Sahara Desert and what to do as you prepare for it. If you haven’t thought about it then think about it.

Planning the right camping site

It is important that you do some homework before you proceed for camping and choose a place where you have access to water. Also, ensure that you don’t get baked after choosing the wrong time to camp.

Winter months are better as summers can be scorching and dry. Contact the nearest ranger station and find out the weather forecast in the coming week or so depending on your plan.  Browsing and collecting these things before you leave for Sahara desert Camping is a wise decision.

Essentials that you will need

Ensure that you carry a good sun protection as your skin will need it the most. Planning activities during early mornings and evenings make sense as peak hours are extremely hot.

Carry a mosquito repellant and a box where you can keep your food as there are critters in deserts that will spoil your food.

Buy close-toe shoes for trekking and camel rides. A good UV protection sunglass is a must and so is a cap.


Obviously you will need one. Make sure that it is free of molds and holes. Remember to carry extra shelter like a tarp or even a large trash bag.


You don’t want to get stranded in the dark unable to see a thing, so, carry a flashlight.

Extra food

Always pack extra food in moisture free packets because you never know how long you might have to stay.


You will need to light fire so carry a matchbox etc.

Repair kit and tools

This goes without saying as it will keep you prepared for any eventuality.


Make sure you carry first-aid as minor cuts and wounds should not be left unattended.


In case the condition turns wet and cold, you must be prepared to handle it.

Navigation equipment

You will need a topographic map, a compass and an altimeter.

One place where you can buy all this is online shopping like Alibaba, Ebay, Amazon or Flipkart.

How to reach Sahara Desert

You can catch a flight from Delhi to Marrakech, which starts at Rs 44,304.

From Marrakech you can either take a local transport, or self drive a 4×4 or book a tour to the desert with ample options available.

Where to stay while at Marrakech

There are several hotels and riads to choose from. Riad Le Desir gives out a room for Rs 3778 and Jnane Leila costs Rs 5449 a night.

Sahara desert camping has a lot to offer and people say that it has the best sunset you will ever lay your eyes on.

So, don’t forget to enjoy it. There are camel rides to experience and some great camping nights with dances and food to taste.

(c) Anjali Singh Deswal

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