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Sualkuchi Silk Sarees – Visit Assam for Gold Silk

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Sualkuchi silk sarees are world famous.  Do you know about Gold Silk that is only available in India? Yes, the Gold Muga Silk and Eri Silk are only available in Assam. Visit Assam for Gold Silk!

Sualkuchi is situated in the district of Kamrup, Assam. It is the only village where the entire population is involved in making silk clothes. They manufacture silk Mekhela Saador which is the traditional attire of the Assamese people. They also manufacture Silk sarees for women and shirts for men if it is ordered. Because of this feature it has earned itself the name of “Manchester of the East”. Visit Assam to see the Sualkuchi Gold Sarees.

Sericulture is also highly popular and one of the main activities of the villagers. The villagers are friendly and warm hearted. In every corner of the village of Sualkuchi you will find small cottage industries and handlooms where the villagers sit and produce beautifully embroidered pieces of clothes.

Surprisingly, their products look like they are industrially manufactured but no, they are all woven by the villagers. Their hard work pays them off as they earn a lot by selling these products in the market. As, the gold Muga silk is found nowhere in the world except in Assam, the demand is very high with high price.

The Assamese people do not bargain when it comes to Muga Silk products. This is also an unexplored tourist spot because people don’t yet know the beauty of the silk that is produced and the value of it.

Upon entering the village, you will see the traditional lifestyle of people. The villagers have maintained their old way of clothing, living and eating. Their houses are made of bamboo and mud protecting them from the heat of summer as well as the cold winter breeze. There are temples, namghars (Assamese worship temples where songs are sung in the name of god) and monasteries everywhere.

The urban touch of the outer world such as Guwahati and other developing cities of Assam has not hit the village. The ethnicity of the village will give you a pure and rustic experience of a natural lifestyle. There are small restaurants which will provide you with the best Assamese cuisine (veg and non-veg both).

Sualkuchi is not too far from Guwahati and commuting is not difficult. A cab can be booked from Guwahati and one day is enough to go and pay a visit to Sualkuchi. Inside Sualkuchi there are no proper hotels for tourists to halt for the night or so.

If you visit Assam, you can stay in Guwahati. There are so many hotels that you could choose from. For someone who would only love to stay in a five star hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel is the perfect choice. It is situated near the airport and is not too far from the main city. It will cost Rupees 8,888 per night.

You can choose Hotel King’s Castle for a cheaper rate where reservation is possible without credit cards. It costs only 2,500 per night. And, going further into the budget conscious tourists or bag packers, one can opt for Palacia Inn which costs only Rupees 850 per night. So start booking and enjoy the view of Sualkuchi along with some shopping of unique silk pieces.

(c) Sneha Choudhury.

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