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Shopping with Family in Goan Carnival Festival

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If you are visiting Goa and missing Goan Carnival festival, your trip is incomplete.

Goa is one of well known Indian states situated along the beautiful Konkan coast on the western side of India. This state has a huge influence of the Portuguese who had come in for trading, then captured and settled in Goa.

During the carnival a lot of feasting, dancing and drinking happen and tourists can indulge in this. They get to see the unique Goan culture and a taste of its superb cuisine. Festivities last throughout the day and parades are taken out on the streets.

The streets are lit up with colorful lights heightening the overall festive atmosphere. Even tourists can join in the parades and make merry and dance to their heart’s content as live bands continue playing feet tapping music.

You can revel in the festive atmosphere and wear costumes and masks to take part in the carnival parades. The parades are a riot of colors with attractive floats showcasing their rich heritage and culture.

It is a heady combination of food, dance, sports competitions, revelry and fun that Goans put out for their carnival. If all this tempts you, be warned to book quite ahead for this is the most awaited festival of Goa and you will be hard put to find accommodation at the last minute.

Don’t forget to do shopping as well during the Goan carnival festival, as you will find discounts and gifts during these time. Take a walk to Mapusa Market, Anjuna Flea Market, Calangute Market for junk jewellery, clothing and brassware. Goan cuisine at Mackie’s Night Bazaar.

For International tourists Goa is one of the most preferred destinations in India. Goa offers an unforgettable experience with a mix of the Indian as well as the Portuguese cultures. It is dotted by many beautiful beaches, temples, churches and other heritage structure.

Goa has the typical tropical coastal climate, hot and humid and a good monsoon season too. The best season to visit Goa would be the October to January period with the state seeing the maximum footfalls for New Year.

Goa has a lot to offer its tourists in terms of its versatile culture and local festivals are a big part of it. A few festivals are local to Goa like:

Three Kings Feast – This is the feast wherein three Goan boys enact the three kings who went to meet Jesus. People participate in High Mass and worship the Lady of the Mount.

Sao Joao Festival – Falling on the 24th of June, this is celebrated to honor St. John the Baptist by the Catholic community. The young villagers wear crowns made of leaves and fruits and take part in folk dances called as ‘Sangodds’.

Bonderam Festival – This is a Portuguese influenced festival and is the main attraction of the Divar Island. On the 4th Saturday of August every year, people take out parades with music on this occasion.

It is however the Goan carnival that attracts people from all over young and old alike. The New Year festivities of Goa extend till the Goan carnival, based on the Christian tradition of Mardi Gras. This is a tradition dating back to 1510 when the Portuguese arrived.

It usually lasts for days on February just preceding the lent when the fasting begins. For most people attending Goan carnival festival is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity that they cherish.

(C) Nandini Shanbhag

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