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Mouth Watering Kolkata Street Food

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Kolkata is a one hell of a metropolitan city. And you will find enough mouth watering Kolkata street food!

Its like the city which has its own glamour with a categorical share of its citizens. I visited Kolkata in the winters and living in Mumbai for 20 years blew me off with the chilled weather there, it felt like a wonderland. Winters in Mumbai are 23,25 degrees.

While in Kolkata it was 12, or 10 too.  Kolkata is so vividly spacious and colourful, there are cliché places like the Victoria Memorial and Howrah but as hyped they are , they are worth visiting too. I was there for three days and I completely seized my opportunities to go around.

The first day we checked in to the Sonnet Hotel, it gave us the insider feeling of old school vintage hotels, well it should cause its built over an old house, it gave us the deal of Rs. 5000 double deluxe room per night with breakfast . It was worth it , super clean the housekeeping was friendly and helpful .

This hotel is located at Salt Lake City. While there is another hotel called Hotel Lindsay it offers you a package of Rs. 4,523 including breakfast. The beauty of Kolkata is to be located at the Esplanade, it is situated besides the new bridge that’s built, a quite wonderful place to have a picnic at and enjoy the nature or a boat ride at and the river Hooghly passes by.

It quite catchy in the evening during the sunset time. Also to mention that the sun rises at 5 O’clock and sets around 5:30 too so it might flip you out. But you can then visit the city side and have a tram ride which is very fascinating cause it is a train which rides on the roads gets stuck in the traffic and you can see around the city.

The market side is very common like other markets but the people there are too lazy quite happy, they smile for no reason . Too much to shop and eat.  Try these mouth watering Kolkata street food!


You might have eaten rasgullas all your life but if you haven’t had roshogollas in Kolkata, then what’s the point?

<img src "" alt=Street Food Ghugni.">


Ghugni is an evening snack. Black gram or dried yellow peas or dried white peas is cooked with gravy, in the traditional eastern Indian style. It is then served with puffed rice, and at times with hot onion pakoda or bhajiya. Wow, what a street food from Kolkata!


Decorated with pistachios, almonds and saffron strands and prepared with milk, sugar andpaneer, this mishti would simply melt in your mouth. And if you’re into flavors, you’ve got Ice-cream, chocolate and strawberry sondesh too!


These tiny water-bombs with spice and masala, also called phuchka, are probably the most cheap, yet filling item you can find. You might think you’ll stop after 4 but end-up eating a truckload!

Macher Jhol (Fish-curry)

Macher jhol with rice is the staple food of this city, found almost everywhere in Kolkata. So just in case you’re unable to find yourself a restaurant in the locale, knock on any Bengali’s door and be surprised with what they have to offer.

Mishti Doi

This doi beats any sort of frozen yogurt you might have eaten. It’s a perfect blend of sugar and milk, cupped together for a tempting treat.

Fish Fry

Fish Fry is one specialty of Kolkata that I’m still wondering why Gourmet cuisine hasn’t discovered yet. There is a  small shop that sells the most amazing fish fries ever. Try their butter fish fry.

When in Kolkata, try the Kolkata street food, for these are what the Kolkatans eat! Bon appétit!

(c) Mrunali Thakore

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