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Kayaking Trip in Karnataka

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Kayaking is a powerful means of giving access to wildlife which would otherwise be difficult to see, due to the density of the forestation by the riverside. For maximum opportunities to report wild life and for an extended family adventure sports tour on the water, kayaking trip is a viable option.

You can try out kayaking in an area with minimal current. This is ideal for beginners trying to come to terms with the techniques of paddling. Indeed, it can be more of a calming tour into nature than a sortie into the exciting world of a stunt performer. The tour offered in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state is something one cannot miss. A rich variety of bird life can be seen along the water bodies of Uttara Kannada.

Dandeli is another destination for you and your family. It is a short trip from Goa and within overnight striking distance of Bangalore city. Here, a number of water and adventure sports are offered. It is one of the top locations in the land of kayaking, canoeing and rafting.

To every kayakers, the rapids which violently shake the inflatable rafts on their descent of the Kali River in Karnataka, present a white water sporting challenge. Beginners receive basic training and close supervision, in addition to all of the necessary equipment. Two kayaking trips are run each day, and a two-our paddle training session costs Rs 650 per person.

You can stay in Bison River Resort which charges Rs 2800 per night. If you want more adventure in the Camp, then book your stay at Kali Adventure Camp which charges Rs 4900 per night stay.  However, there is a budget hotel too around Dandeli. The State Lodge Dandeli will charge around Rs 400 only per night.

Majali Beach Village located at Karwar is a small coastal town lies on the northern tip of coastal Karnataka. The village is having a small lake in the backyard which is suited for family adventure sports like Kayaking, rowing and fishing.

Best season for kayaking in this river starts from November to June. Therefore, if you are a beginner, staying upright in the kayak was more of a challenge. Flat water is a difficult thing to manage. Once you control it, it is all fun for you!

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