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Honeymooning in Havelock island

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Havelock Island  is one such magical place, once you land here you will be amazed by the scenic beauty of the place, the tranquility of the ocean and romance of star lit sky. Your stay here will be nothing short of a magic land.

Honeymoon memories are something that stay with us throughout the life. One may travel to numerous places and have numerous experiences, however honeymoon is the only trip that is extra special and always has fond memories associated with it. Therefore this special trip warrants extra special preparation and most importantly a special place which helps in mesmerizing the young couple and creating lifelong bonds to cherish.

Radhanagar beach in Havelock island is the 5th best beach in Asia and it totally lives upto the expectations, it has crystal clear water which invite you to have fun in the sea, the water is peaceful yet fun. The huge waves in the ocean invite you to have a roller coaster sea bathing experience. Stay here to witness a beautiful sunset and fall in love with it.

You can then proceed to have fun at the beach at your hotel, if you decide to go all out and have a luxury stay you can book a room in Munjoh Ocean Resort or Seashell Beach Resort, here you can enjoy a romantic candle light dinner on the beach side, followed by a walk on the beach under the star lit dark sky.

The rippling sound of water gushing past you while walk is what romantic magical dreams are made up of.  If you decide to save and yet have fun you can choose to book at Gold India Dive Resort or Tango Beach Resort which is affordable at Rs 1500 per night stay.

Whatever room you choose, start your next day with a leisurely lazy breakfast in bed and then head out to the elephant beach for underwater adventures. Snorkel around with your partner and see the beautiful sea life, finding Nemo Fishes will welcome you here and show you their friends. This will be a perfect memory to frame!! You can also decide to get your snorkel ride captured as well. If you are more of  an adventurous kind then don’t shy away from Scuba diving, you will have nothing short of a “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” experience, with clear sea and blue sky and if you are one of the naughty kinds then don’t forget to have a banana ride with your partner!

After this adventure, you can decide take rest on a lazy boat ride on the tranquil sea water and enjoy the scenic beauty of the clear water, the rooted mangrove trees with lush green leaves and the nice dark blue sky. Be alert though you may spot a crocodile or two resting in their house. Post this you can enjoy amazing sea food if you are a meat lover at any of the seaside restaurants.

So what are you waiting your honeymoon or second honeymoon soon at Havelock island!

Here is wishing you an amazing trip in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

(c) Bhaveka Arora

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