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Exciting Leisure Trips and Travel Destinations for Adventure

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Most of us look out for exciting leisure trips, dripping with the urge to unwind on an exotic destination. But there are a handful of us, who want to leap over the edge and set their souls on fire.

The world is your oyster and there is no dearth of places out there to spill forth your wanderlust, and we are about to bring on some of the most exciting destinations that are worth the dime to be added as one of the jewels in your travel memoirs.

Queensland, New Zealand

Start with Queensland which is one of the best exciting leisure trips. As this is a place that gives you the most liberating experience putting your bravado at max! You can take a bite off the most virgin and unusual landscapes ever, by signing off to a smart adventure trip package.

New Zealand offers a rollercoaster ride to some of the wackiest adventure goals in a lifetime. From throwing yourselves in mid-air through bungee jumping to floating in the sky via tandem skydiving, you just can’t have enough of this island country.

Spin off the gushing waterfalls dashing the rugged rocks with jet boating or unleash your daredevil instincts with river rafting in Lake Taupo.

If you have more space left for adventure, then try more of it through Heli-skiing, off road driving, Zorb or OGO (get into a plastic ball and roll down the hill) peeling through the scenic wilderness and the snow-capped mountains of this country.

Get a dose of kiwi country life and count on some prolific Kiwi labels by picking some indigenous jade ornaments, merino or possum knit wear, pottery, glass art, fabric art, jewelry and paintings.

Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada

Enjoy a breath taking view of the Canadian Rockies by heli-skiing or mush through the pristine trails by driving a dogsled team of Canadian Huskies.

For more, unleash a fishing frenzy in the heart of one of the most spectacular destinations of the world by indulging in ice fishing. Imagine the thrill of gliding through the snowflakes, while lodged inside an inflated tube!

Well this is what snowtubing is all about!

Wanna cling to the frozen waterfall at some of the steepest cliffs at Lake Louise, and Canmore?

Try waterfall ice climbing and perform some daring stunts! Also get the hang of the crisp chill in the Canadian Rockies by gorging on some other activities like ice walks, cave tours, ski-boarding, ice climbing and snow shoeing.

Banff offers you a series of accommodation types to stay back and enjoy the sightseeing, best suited according to your budget varying from condo style resorts, economical inns to the most quaint lodges and chalets.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef is one of the exciting leisure trips. Scuba diving and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef Australia, allows you a glimpse of a refreshing marine life, which houses a stable reef activity for divers as well as non-divers to splash into the tingling turquoise blue.

You can set out to sail on a Catamaran cruise from Cairns while enjoying the crystal clear reef atop or simply tickle your palate with delicious sea food and relax on board.

You can book a dayboard or live board diving experience based on your preference. Get an enriching view of the vibrant marine flora and fauna via a semi- submersible, with a spacious interior and wide windows, riding across the coral gardens.

You can gear up this exciting adventure by initiating an eco-talk with a marine biologist, embark on a scuba diving experience, ride a scooba doo, snorkelling or hook on to a guided snorkelling tour and brush against the marine life.

Become a part of this exhilarating underwater experience. These tour packages from Cairns and Port Douglas ensure you dig into every experience at the nick of time.

Elephant trekking, Thailand

When it comes to this tropical country of Thailand, adventure is raw and swashbuckling only giving a kick to your lost spirit! Elephant trekking in Thailand is also one of the exciting leisure trips one has in store, in the plush natural habitats of these giant creatures.

Looking at the raising concerns over the health and well-being of elephants, the elephant camp at Chiang Mai ensure that these giant yet adorable animals are treated by their visitors gently.

You can choose either a full day or half-day elephant tour, by giving them a mud bath, swimming with them or feeding them fresh tropical fruits.

Embrace nature in its full glory in a daring feat, via Deep water Soloing, on some of the steepest cliffs and boulders.Tonsai and Railay beaches are the hot spots to enjoy this activity. Off road biking, skyscraper climbing and white water rafting at Mae Tang river are some of the thrilling feats you can look out for.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

If you want your travel odysseys to be vivid and narrative, then South Africa should be one of the must-see places. There is something about the intense diversity of this place that makes you catch up your breath as you land into this rainbow nation.

It presents a melting pot of cultures from Europe Asia and Africa, also giving you a peep into its grim but pulsating history of apartheid.

The best way to shoot off backpacking is to drive on to a guided tour to have an encounter with a roaring black maned lion, watch an African elephant stride across the road, or revel at the sight of the seals, dolphins and sharks dancing splashing in the deep blue sea.

For the avid adventure enthusiasts South Africa is host to some spine tingling activities. You can go abseiling in the Table top mountains of Cape Town, bungee jumping in Garden Route Bridge, go slack packing along the coastal trails or go hiking along the snow clad peaks of Drakensberg.

You may even flip on your wild funny side by opting for ostrich riding in Oudtshoorn’s Safari Ostrich park. Here you get deluxe as well as cottage style accommodation for putting up and enjoying the natural view right from the comforts of the hotel room.

To unleash a shopping mania you can pick the Bay Harbor market for the most freshly prepared yummy South African cuisine. Here you can chat with the locals, and put on some spunk with the live music scene as you browse through the smorgasbord of art, interior, fashion, crafts and paintings.

So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and set sailing for these exciting leisure trips to satiate your wanderlust!

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