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A Date With Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

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Jambughoda is a city and a Tehsil in Panchmahal district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Tehsil is well known for the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and also for how “ BEEE EEA UTIFUL” as Jim Carrey would call it. It is quite an underrated place as it isn’t as famous as the cliché ones are. I would call my trip to Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary was awesome.

We went from Vadodra so it was just a couple of hours drive and also caught such amazing scenes whilst the way. We lived in the Jambughoda Palace and the housekeeping was filled with warmth and such chivalry. There are options to stay there too. There is Caravan Serai with the deal of 9000 for a wooden caravan two night stay for a couple with everything included.

Then there is Vananchal Resort with 6000 per couple two night stay inclusive . Where as the palace we lived Jambughoda Palace has the rates of 2,000 per night for one room with the best treatment we ever received .We felt Royal. Everything starting from the linens, to their tea, to the food. Everything.

There is not much for the lazy vacationers out there but the ones who want to be into the wild could visit the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, which by the way is 2 or 3 kms from where we lived. One could catch the shooting stars, one could see cute little ducklings, by the lake there. Best time to visit the place it winters as it is the most enduring at the time. One can call Jambughoda as 100 acres of sheer hypnotic greenery. It is like a wonderland.

The highway will give you a kick to the magical world of Narnia. It brings you away from your life of the same old routine. There are facilities like Camp fire, horse riding, badminton, getting snuggled by cute small Dachshunds, pugs . Oh that purr will just make you more lazy one could fall asleep in the lawns itself . Plus it was clean, not just health department clean . Like Clean Clean. And wait there is more, you get served the food which is made for the Prince and his family, so it has got to be the most delicious food ever eaten, it just clenches and your palette feels satiated.

Recalling falling asleep was scary as its too silent out there in the night and amidst the jungle we heard something going or crossing from our roofs, quite spooky and one would just not go and check outside cause it was too dark. The next morning we realized it must have been an animal and nothing else (touchwood).

I also heard someone walking and singing with their anklets and just shut my eyes with playing some death metal to sleep. The next morning our breakfast was royal which then became a brunch and we were returning back home. And thought of waiting by at the ‘Champaner Fort’.

As beautiful were it carvings and its location it just spelt of how Art is hidden somewhere in its own elegance. It had that rusty look which make it more old school. Just sat down by the rose tree and read some of Robert Frost’s poetries and was enthralled by how nature is.

There was also a big well or maybe a bath place, it was quite gigantic so couldn’t decide but it was arid so a home to snakes.
No kidding but had fun and felt happy inside.
(c) Mrunali Thakore

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