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Biggest Flea Markets of UK and USA

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Have you ever bargain in the flea markets of UK and the USA?

In these Countries, besides restaurant hopping to seeing historical places, from watching the sunset in peace and tranquil to having a crazy night at pubs, there is a lot to do.

One thing that tops the list for many UK and USA goers is visiting the flea markets. Fly to UK or USA choosing the best deals in flight.

We have listed below some of these markets to go to.

Borough Market

Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market in Southwark, Central London, England. Not only the largest, but also it is the oldest markets in London. The market’s food market alone has over 100 stalls and stands selling an array of food. There is a lot of fresh food found here, including vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, cheeses, breads, coffee, ciders, cakes and more. You will find excellent imported stuff here. The market is open from Monday to Saturday.

Where to stay: Chelsea Cloisters offers a room for Rs 6924 a night and Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel offers a room for Rs 5756 a night.

Stockbridge Market

This primarily is a Sunday farmers market at Edinburgh in Scotland. The stalls are located next to the bridge over the Water of Leith. The environment is rather scenic and beautiful. At a small area, you will find several local suppliers with fresh produce. People throng this place for organic produce, handmade soaps, jewellery and bakery treats.

Where to stay: Bunchrew House Hotel gives a room for Rs 5556 a night and Edinburgh Holiday Guesthouse gives a room for Rs 4505 a night.

Brooklyn Flea, New York

The market was found in April 2008 and has become the hub for New Yorkers for vintage furniture, clothing, décor, handmade goods, antiques and collectible. If you don’t buy anything from here, well you can lay your hands on food and a lot of it. This place has been ranked as one of the best US markets by many magazines, so, go for it.

Where to stay: The Brooklyn Hotel gives out a room for Rs 8,636 a night and Pointe Plaza Hotel charges Rs 7910 a night for a room.

Georgetown Flea Market, Washington

This place is ‘the’ place for celebs around the world for custom jewellery, some great antique armories, pottery. You will find amazing collectibles, furniture, books, photographs, rugs and more. The food here is more of artisanal nature and you will find a lot of fresh produce to buy.

Where to stay: Hotel Harrington offers a room for Rs 10,376 and Kimpton Glover Park Hotel gives out a room for Rs 7,966 per night.

Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market, California

Visit this place for a collection of outdoor furniture, garden ceramics and statuary. The 20-acre market has over 800 sellers with antiques and chic and unique stuff too. This market is organized on the third Sunday of every month. Due to its location, there are many beer sellers and when in California, do visit this place, at least to soak up some breezy sun. Enjoy bargaining your favorite products in this flea markets of California!

Where to stay: Cupertino Inn offers a room for Rs 12,954 a night, Lone Oak Lodge gives a room for Rs 4,686 a night.

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